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As social media matures, it starts becoming a platform of maintaining social image. There is pressure and fear to conform, to agree, to be correct, or to not speak at all.

Questure is a mobile application designed to create a casual and humourous space where there is innocent trading of thoughts, ideas, and discussion. It addresses the “ethics of memory in a digital age,” where what a person says can be ephemeral and has the right to be forgotten.

Inspired by old school analog games, as well as old retro chatroom games, where there are whimsical and nonchalant qualities that are lost in mainstream social media. It allows creatives to think out loud and bounce ideas around.

Key Features

1. Full Anonymity

Questure is fully anoynmous to negate the pressure to answer in any certain way in fear of judgement. Fluid identity aims to induce more discussion and novelty.

2. No Down-Voting

Questure relies on a system of positive only reactions to categourize trending discussions and threads.

3. Secondary Feeds

The stack of questions and asks are the main homepage of Questure. Making the feeds secondary transform the app from passive to active.


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