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CrankWorx is a mountain biking festival held each summer at Whistler, B.C. It spans for just over a week, and brings together people from all over the world.

Visually, the festival is a beautiful contrast between industrial gears and manmade parks, and the beautiful natural backdrop of British Columbia. I aspired to capture movement, fluidity, and adventure in the branding.

I took inspiration from the silhouettes of aerial BMX and created custom type from the movement, and carried it throughout a series of products.

cellphone data over a month

data visualization

A processing sketch written in Processing for a data sheet of a single user's cellphone usage of over a months. Additional data can just be loaded in sketch easily. Third image shows other model that was explored.

The model graphs number of calls made on a weekly schedule, over the twenty-four hour clock. The phone user’s routine becomes very evident in this model, as there are reoccuring outgoing calls within a given hour each week. It also indicates the usage of the phone over a day – prodominantly afternoon & evening – as well as the disparity between incoming and outgoing calls.

Jordon Co.


This is the logo designed for Jordon Co., a Taiwan-based outdoor product company, founded in 1980, that specializes in technically advanced clothes and gears made with fabrics such as Gore-Tex and Polartex. Jordon Co. is my family’s company, and the main goal behind the new logo was versatility. It needed to be used in multiple places, such as on zippers. It is registered and used in both forms, with the full name "Jordon" within it, and without. This logo is used on over 40,000 products each year, as well as their printed catelogs and brochures.



Upcoming logo for UBC Student Health Initiative. Work in progress, along with new website.

Vancouver Theatre Sports League

web design

I had the opportunity to work on the Vancouver Theatre Sports League website during my internship at Epic Design. I assisted in developing the wireframe and mocks, as well as troubleshooting the WordPress CP during the process.

Life Cycle of Socks


A silly infographic on how we lose our socks, timed by numbers of washes. Inspired by a personal love for fresh laundry out of the dryer, but also the frustration of odd number and mismatched socks.

HealthMatch BC - Qualification Brochure Series


Fun infographics for assisting different practicing health professionals in determining their work qualification statuses and requirements.

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