I'm in town!

Get ready for an adventure

Traveling should be about getting the local experience and immersing in their culture. At I'm in Town, members cater their favourite places into spectacular adventures for others to follow. Find journeys specific to your interests, and get opinions from people who live there. Create your own journey in the city you love.

Have local experts be your travel companions.

On the road and reading conflicting reviews about every place you look up? Searching tourism sites and always coming up with the same top ten landmarks?

I'm in Town is for adventurous travelers looking for a real experience in their adventures. As explorers ourselves, we want to be immersive in our travels, and not just pass-on-by. We believe in giving people a personalized and personal experience that help them find the hidden gems of a given location.

In this application, journeys are created by individuals - individuals with their own obsessions, passions, and quirks. Through our filter search system, you can find journeys in all sorts of ways!

"I'm in Town has made me so much more excited about my own city.
When I am out exploring now, I am always thinking in terms of an adventure!"

- Endru Ladkey

Filtering Journey

Customize personal choices etc

Tailor your journey to fit your special interests. Whether you are traveling for the arts, sightseeing, nature, history, shopping, recreation, or food tasting, there will be a right journey for you! Find out tips from locals that love the things you love, and get a taste of the authentic culture as you travel.

One map, many journeys

Follow multiple journeys in the same area and have them on the same map. In this way, you can change journeys at any convenient point and it gives you a flexible way of adventuring.

Create your
own adventure

Pin the places you love and make an adventure for others. Have fellow travelers follow your journey and hear what they think.

Add stickers for followers to find

Open up Google Street View during your journey to see the stickers left behind by different travelers that took similar journeys as you. Know what to expect by reading the comments and stickers left behind at a location by the different travelers that were there. Stamp out your own stickers for others to see and know what your experience was like. It’s a city sticker collection!

I'm In Town was created by Tiffany Yu Ching Tsai, Julia Hyojung Seo, and Joanne Vongphachan at York Sheridan Design